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10 Reasons to use M-Files in your Business

Posted by Kevin McCartney on October 17, 2017

M-Files is an industry leading information and document management platform, and has a huge wealth of features and benefits to help your company. M-Files creates one central repository, while simultaneously enriching and repurposing current content without disrupting current systems and processes.

Here are 10 of our favourite reasons to use M-Files in your business.

1) Familiar and Easy Interface

M-Files works with the Windows Explorer interface meaning there’s a minimal, if any, learning curve. The document repository can be accessed like a local disk drive, with effortless drag and drop capabilities. Unreliable network connections are avoided with local caching for rapid file opening.

2) Safe and secure

With one centralized storage location, everything is there but visibility can be altered so only relevant parties can see certain documents. Configuring permission settings can reduce human error, schedule backups and integrate with Active Directory.

3) Available Anywhere

Create, view, edit and store documents anywhere with auto synchronization - including on mobile devices and in offline mode. Allowing for fast remote connections, replication speeds up file handling in different locations. In addition, web access to M-Files can be granted to anyone / anywhere (even with Linux or Mac platforms).   

4) Quick Implementation

You’ll be up and running in no time because M-Files is fast to deploy, and easy to setup. M-Files is simple to adapt and grow with your business’ changing needs, without requiring IT staff to look after it. M-Files is available as either local, or cloud based, or even a hybrid of both.  

5) Plays Well with Others

M-Files is able to integrate with a multitude of applications from office, CAD, CRMs, accounting and inventory solutions. Familiar file commands such as Save As and Open are used to access data vaults. M-Files supports all file formats, from Microsoft Office, to CAD models, images, emails, attachments and scans.

6) Collaboration and Automated Workflow

Assignments can be created for ad hoc collaboration and workflows can be designed for automating key business processes. M-Files allows collaboration with both internal and external teams, with features like co-authoring, check-in/check-out, publishing and intelligent data replication.

7) Dynamic Views and Fast Search

Find the document you need quickly and painlessly, with basic or advanced search capabilities. Use metadata, full text file contents, or both to search - boosting productivity with features such as sort functions and dynamic filters. M-Files eliminates the classic and chaotic folders and replaces them with metadata driven dynamic views, allowing documents and other information to show up simultaneously in multiple locations without duplication.

8) Eliminate Paper Chaos

The majority of companies have what we like to call paper chaos, a vast wealth of information in paper documents, cluttering the office or workplace. With M-Files you can reduce your company’s paper output and costs, and with intuitive features to track versions, have one working file, collaboration, and check-in and check-out.

9) Customizable, Interconnected System

Create an active link with external systems such as a CRM, ERP, billing and accounting, or link and import files from current networks. Paper can also be scanned, emails imported and the M-Files API for more unique integrations.

10) Custom vault and metadata

The advanced metadata driven structure creates a flexible system that is customizable to your specific needs. You choose the file and information types to manage, and the metadata, or properties you want to track. Multiple object types can be created and managed, from projects, to customers to audits. M-Files allows relationships between files, multi-file documents and collections and templates.

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