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Document Management or Document Mismanagement?

Posted by Kevin McCartney on December 18, 2017

I’m sure most people can think of a time they couldn’t find a document. Is it in the network drive? Which folder is it in? Is it on my desktop? It has happened to the best of us. 

This flawed process is basic document management, but I prefer to call it ‘document mismanagement’.

Picture if you will, your boss springs a meeting on you with 10 minutes warning, and asks for an important document, key to the meeting. You know it wasn’t recently worked on, and the person who worked on it before is no longer in your office, so how do you find it? Sweating, trawling through folders, fighting the clock, well, I’ll stop you right there, with a document management system, this document nightmare is avoided.

Document Management allows for your files to be organized efficiently, searched easily with a number of methods, and offers everything in one place.

So the real question is: is your document management system (or mismanagement system) outdated? Here’s some facts you may or may not know about document management to help you decided:

  • Employees can spend on average 30% of their time searching manually for documents.
  • An average document can be copied up to 20 times
  • Up to a staggering 20% of documents are misplaced, lost or misfiled
  • On a whole professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information, and can take almost 20 minutes to locate a document on average.
  • Over 80% of business owners want to access their documents on the go
  • E-Signatures reduce document turnaround by 80% and save around $25 (CAD) a document

Despite this, companies are still mismanaging their documents, and the age old saying is forever answering the question, why do you do things that way? “Because we always have.”

Organizations are often focused on process efficiencies, but forget that documents are underlying almost everything. You can save your company, team and self a lot of time by looking into digital document management solutions, reducing your costs, increasing your efficiency and avoiding document nightmares.  

BPMWorks is an expert in document management, information management and print solutions, we can work with you to get you the best results, contact us to request a consultation.

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