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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Print Costs

Posted by Kevin McCartney on January 8, 2018

It is easy to overlook areas in your business that are incurring additional costs when you are unsure of their impact, but understanding how to manage your printing is imperative to a well maintained company.

At BPMWorks, we see the same story over and over again, companies pouring money down the drain with a poorly executed approach to print management, and huge amounts of capital being lost through outdated methods, machines and processes.

All companies should strive to reduce these manageable costs, but it’s the minority who actively understand the importance of reigning in these rogue costs.

Colour vs Black & White

Does that document really need to be in colour? Or can it work just as well in black & white? Changing your printer’s default settings to black & white will save your company spending unnecessary on coloured ink, with the black ink being cheaper to replace. The majority of documents can be equally effective without the colour, just make sure that any charts or diagrams have distinguishable colours when converting to black & white!

Font Matters

You wouldn’t think changing your font from Arial to a Times New Roman would have any impact, but you’d be wrong! This is an incredibly simple and effective way of saving on your print, the Times New Roman font will reduce your print costs by lowering the amount of ink used when printing the same volume of text. Try changing your font from one to the other on the same font size and you’ll see the dramatic difference!

Flip to Save

Again, a simple solution, but actually saves a huge amount in the long run, for virtually every document you print at your company, you are effectively halving the amount of paper used. The majority of printers can facilitate this with a very simple click at the time of printing and can actually be set to automatically make all documents double sided unless the user specifies.

Update your Printer

Changing your printer can often be seen as an unnecessary cost, and a large unjustified cost upfront, however the time and cost saving benefits significantly outweigh the upkeep and maintenance of your older printers, in addition to the fact the newer printers are more efficient and greener. An older machine uses additional ink which makes it more prone to drying out, as other companies update their machines, the cost and availability of the ink and repair of these older machines will become more difficult.

Print Management

At BPMWorks we understand the print industry inside and out, and are able to work with your business to provide you with unique solutions that can help you improve your print and document management, reduce your costs and eliminate paper chaos!

To speak to one of our team about your company’s print management needs, contact us or click the button below.

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