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What's New With M-Files in 2018?

Posted by Kevin McCartney on January 31, 2018


Our partners over at M-Files have further improved their offering, and have developed the metadata section of the M-Files platform, which is now updated for 2018.

To read up on the improved system here is the summary and transcript of the updates from M-Files or to watch the video check out the bottom of this page.

“M-files 2018 connects to many external business systems and repositories like Network folders, SharePoint, Google Drive and more. Simply establish the connection once on the server side and you're ready to go you don't have to migrate any of the data and users now have immediate access to the data in that repository. For instance browse all the files in your network folders, and open files directly in the in m-files user interface.

The search experience has also been redesigned. Filter search results by clicking on the desired criteria in the right-hand pane to focus the search in particular locations like Google Drive, or specific types of objects, like contacts.

M-files 2018 uses artificial intelligence to make classifying new documents simple. Adding a document to m-files activates the metadata card and files then analyzes the content of the file and can quickly identify the type of document and what it relates to. M-files automatically suggests metadata for the document confirming those suggestions can automate processes like Associated workflows relevant to that type of document.

M-files also automatically activates any existing permissions for relevant content and information. Once the document is saved to m-files it's easy to see other associated information giving you a true 360-degree view of your information.

M-files 2018 can also analyze existing content in any repository connected to m-files, like network drives or SharePoint. Simply select a document and click the analyze button, confirm the metadata suggestions, and save the document. Once metadata is associated with the document you can see other information related to that customer or project no matter which system or repository the data is stored in.

The M-files apps for iOS and Android have also been completely redesigned, the home screen contains the new m-files 2018 server synchronized pin board so any pins added from the mobile app or m-files desktop are visible in real time. Recently accessed items assignments favorites and offline data are also conveniently accessible on the home screen. The new bottom navigation bar enables you to browse views and other connected repositories providing quick access to all of the data in your network folders and other connected repositories from your mobile device.

All of these features are available without migrating any data are moving any files. Access content in your network folders like this infrastructure building folder. Open any document and even synchronize specific files for offline availability within the m-files app. Search for any document across all of your connected repositories easily and see exactly where each item is stored at a glance.

This goes way beyond connecting to network folders m-files 2018 also connects to your favorite ECM systems, enterprise file sync and share, CRM, and ERP solutions allowing you to fully modernize your business immediately."


BPMWorks is one of M-Files partners and specialists in document management, print management and enterprise management systems. If you are interested in M-Files or discussing our range of options for your business contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

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