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BPMWorks provides digital information management and print solutions for companies, reducing print and print costs, digitizing information and modernizing your processes.

digitizing-information.jpgWith over 25 years in the print industry, we have inside knowledge, expertise and experience, which allows us to work with your business and improve your processes.

The traditional print companies are missing a component, a genuine approach to help clients reduce the paper within their business. These traditional companies do not want to change, to adapt, they have invested into increasing print with manufacturing lines producing printers, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, the list goes on.

Paper based communication decreases efficiency, everyone wants access to their documents now, mobility is the answer.

BPMWorks is a digital first company, we focus on it unlike competitors, who are still motivated by their printer sales, and not thinking about the long term.

The key differentiator for BPMWorks is the fact that we want to reduce print and digitize your information. You do not need to print.

The demographics of the workforce have changed, we are in the digital age, and at BPM we recognise this, and want to aid your company improve, modernize and reduce costs.  

In recent years we’ve seen huge multinational organizations fail to adapt to digital and be left behind, don’t be a Blockbuster, be a Netflix.

Paper ProcessesA rapid change would not be the solution, paper needs to be phased out, there are still the traditionalists who prefer paper and we need to be aware of this; If you are a CEO this creates an opportunity.

One of our clients has 150 employees retiring in the next 5 years, traditionally they’d need to replace 150, but with our solutions it could be around 50, a huge opportunity for improvement, it’s about attrition and taking advantage of this shift.

BPMWorks provides the roadmap to achieve these results, we understand the challenges due to the broad demographic.  Every office we visit…. This quote tells the story, “We are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet”.

Companies continue processes because they always have, but business at the speed of paper is not sustainable, we need to adapt with the times.

BPM creates a digital plan, with small non obtrusive steps, breaking down the task into smaller achievable results implemented across departments.

In the 21st century, our business is always on, we have mobile devices, we need access to our work on the go and the right information at any time.

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