Document Management

Information Management 

Companies have vast amounts of information to manage, this can be in a variety of places and formats, they need to be able to locate, store and manage this information easily across departments and job functions. The main focus of Information Management is being able to get the right people the right information at the right time. Having a tighter understanding of all this information can help lead to improved decision making, strategic business choices and highlight areas to improve. 

Document Management & Digital Solutions 

BPMWorks works with your business to provide you with industry leading Document Management & Digital Solutions to help your business modernize, organize and digitize your company's processes. We help your business increase efficency, reduce costs and give your staff more to focus on key tasks and less on basic admin. 

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

The business world has countless acronyms and terms, Enterprise Information Management or EIM simply is storing and managing your information (projects, documents, processes) and enabling the sharing and combination with other systems gaining analytics, making calculated business decisions and improving efficiency, company wide.

Why Enterprise Information Management?

EIM solutions can be implemented across departments from sales to finance to HR, these solutions make it effortless to find, share and access your documents and the multitude of tools make the platform work for all areas. The system is designed with the user experience in mind, it can be used easily and with minimal training required to make your team EIM savvy in painless transition.

EIM is more than just basic document management, creating a new meaning for the term information management. The intuitive interface can be accessed from all your devices from computers to smartphones to tablets.

BPMWorks provide customized Enterprise Information Management Solutions for our clients using the widely popular M-Files platform, a market leader in EIM. Rated as a best-of-breed system by research giants such as Forrester and Gartner, through innovative user focused design and advanced technology.

Digitize, Organize & Modernize Your Business

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