Countless hours are spent dealing with paperwork and processes, and this time is taken away from devoting time to your students, M-Files automates registration, admissions and financial aid to allow more constructive use of time.


Learning and Development

Making sure your team is up to date in regards to education policies and curriculum standards is important, M-Files allows training assignments to be created, tracked and completed seamlessly.

All in One Place

Find the document you need quickly, based on what it is with one version of each file, eliminating the classic chaos of traditional folder organization.

Access Documents Anywhere

The mobile app allows for viewing and managing tasks and documents on the move, from proposal approval, viewing drawings and project-related files regardless of location on your mobile device.

Collaboration and Sharing

Sharing and collaborating is effortless, whether you need to collaborate with team members or share with other staff, M-Files keeps documents organized and a streamline process.

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