Staff are your best asset, M-Files HR helps manage and access employee documents, information, recruitment processes to training and development.

Human Resources

Hiring & Onboarding

Automated assignments and tracking allows onboarding to be a smooth process, getting new hires up to speed quickly.

Managing Employee Records

Not only is the management of employee records good practise, it is mandatory, M-Files acts as a central platform for all the employee information from forms to contracts to taxes.

Performance Appraisals

Standardize and automate manual processes of performance appraisals, as well as manage and track learning, CPD and development tasks and requirements.

Protect Sensitive Data

Protect and manage data safely and securely, with automatic permissions allowing the relevant people to access documents and data.

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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Print Costs

It is easy to overlook areas in your business that are incurring additional costs when you are unsure of their impact, but understanding how to manage your printing is imperative to a well maintained company.

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