Information Technology

Your company relies on you to make sure all the technology works, M-Files automates processes, access permissions and allows you more time to focus on projects.

Information Technology

Flexible Deployment

M-Files is designed to work with your company. The solution can be implemented three ways, locally, hosted on your servers, as part of a cloud service or a hybrid of the two.

High User Adoption

M-Files has no issues with user adoption, it adapts to how you work with an intuitive user interface, manage information, documents and processes with copious amounts of training or a manual.

Protect Sensitive Data

Protect and manage data safely and securely, with automatic permissions allowing the relevant people to access documents and data.

Focus on Important Tasks

Your time is finite, M-Files allows tasks to be automated and handled by others, reducing the strain on your department and giving your more time for important projects.

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What's New With M-Files in 2018?


Our partners over at M-Files have further improved their offering, and have developed the metadata section of the M-Files platform, which is now updated for 2018.

To read up on the improved system here is the summary and transcript of the...

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