Meet Kevin

Kevin, 1986, Canon is invading Xerox space and winning. It was a war, similar to the Japanese into the auto industry. Canon did it better, faster and for less $$$. The book “American Samurai” has chapters that detail this. Canon was also making printer engines for HP. At this time, copiers were analog and not connected to print.

1988, I'm asked to partake in a partnership, new business to bring Ricoh to Ottawa. Ricoh and Canon are industry rivals in Japan. Ricoh sold their equipment 3rd party through Pitney Bowes, Savin, Gestetner and Nashua labels. We launched the Ricoh name in Ottawa.

We started with NO customers and carved a niche based on local ownership and a world class manufacturer behind us. We hustled and were just plain better than our competition.

1995, Fulline was sold to IKON Office Solutions. All of the owners stayed and with the backing of IKON we really changed the landscape. Our tech partners expanded to include Ricoh, OCE, Konica, Toshiba. If you wanted to print, you still needed to buy a separate printer from HP.

1999, Konica introduced first digitally connected copier, yes you could send a print job to the copier.

2002, Canon also became a tech partner for IKON ( I Know One Name), also when we began working with Information Management Systems (what BPM does now).

2008 Ricoh acquires IKON, the reason is purely for the customer base. Convert any IKON customers to Ricoh.

By 2012, emphasis is still hardware focused, customers are looking for more, so BPM works was established.

"I felt I could have an impact on this industry, it was archaic, outdated and needed a digital push, this opportunity was too big to miss, so I formed BPMWorks to help clients to transform and optimize their businesses with digital and print solutions."

Kevin McCartney

Business Process Innovator & BPMWorks CEO

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