Less Paper Solutions

Reduce Costs, Go Green and Increase Efficiency

Companies have a habit of sticking to their processes, even if they are outdated, ineffective and costing them more money than they should. There is a misconception that changing processes is a long and arduous task or it takes a lot of time to implement or we work this way because we always have. 
Digital or paper documents are a key part of your everyday business, despite this the majority of companies don’t know how much money and time employees spend on printers, printing and document workflows. 

BPMWorks can help you take control of your paper chaos and reduce print costs by up to 30%. We are here to help you improve, update and adapt your print process to allow for a smoother, more manageable solution.

Why BPM for Less Paper Solutions?

We can work with you to improve your print processes and reduce your costs, our initial step is to understand your entire process, from your printers, their maintenance and servicing to your documents and their workflows.

Our Less Paper Solutions begin with establishing a current baseline of your company printing practices "you can't improve what you don't know" Baseline established continuous monitoring and business review, BPMWorks is your partner in transforming to a "less paper" environment.

At BPMWorks we have over 25 years of industry experience and our relationships and connections allow us the best access to the latest technology and methods to ensure we meet and exceed your requirements.

Digitize, Organize & Modernize Your Business

Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency and Break Down The Silo's