Public Administration

Managing content, documents and files plays a pivotal role in public administration organizations, M-Files helps you produce and process information more efficiently, allowing more time to give your clients excellent customer service.

Public Administration

EIM Solutions & Operational Activities

Enterprise Information Management and content management systems normally are separate, M-Files allows for one platform for everything, the entire information lifecycle, making everything more unified and easy to find.

Secure Confidential Information

Operations are regulated by confidential information, by merging information in M-Files, it is easily accessed and secure, preventing accidental deletion. You can see who edited the file last, when and revert to earlier versions if needed.

One System

Eliminate information silos, most organizations use multiple systems and data can become isolated, employees then have to search across these places with limited or no ability to link them. M-Files integrates with your other business systems seamlessly, keeping it all connected.

Paperless Paradise

Printing paper documents is expensive, less green and inefficient, this information is not available on the go and is prone to falling in the wrong hands. Electronically storing documents and files allows everything to be searchable, simultaneous editing and secure access permissions.

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