Research & Development

R&D are the prophets of profit, whether you’re researching, designing or running clinical trials, M-Files automates processes and gives you instant access to information you need to give you more time to focus on your innovation.

Research & Development

Find Documents Fast

Find the document you need quickly, based on what it is with one version of each file, eliminating the classic chaos of traditional folder organization.

Project Management

Staying organized throughout the project’s lifecycle is taxing, be that managing product development, prototyping new concepts or doing research. M-Files gives fast access to the information you need, to run your project smoothly.

Bug & Improvement Tracking

Constantly improving products, operations and processes ensures your customers are satisfied, M-Files makes reporting problems and tracking solution’s progress.

Clinical Trials

Manage and capture data while ensuring regulatory compliance like FDA 21 CFR Part 11. M-Files gives you more time to analyse results and less time auditing by automating trial-related processes.

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