Why Go Digital?

Businesses have more information available than ever before, and the management of all this becomes more and more complex. The problem grows expedentially, as most companies have information across multiple systems, network drives, applications, emails and enterprise information management (EIM) systems.

8 out of 10 workers say they print at least one document a day. Around 60% of printed documents are left on desks or in file cabinets, with around 40% of employees claiming multiple documents are being lost or misplaced.

The larger the company the more daunting the task may seem, however, we can help with a piece by piece approach to manage the systems and adapt the way you do business. The problem with a lot of businesses is that they don’t know where they are going wrong, or don’t know of solutions that could benefit their business.

BPM is Business Process Management. We optimize processes to help your company operate more effectively, create positive business changes, and remain agile in a growing digital environment. 

When we meet with our clients, we ask the question, “Why do you do your business processes this way?” 

The answer we get 99% of the time, “Because we always have”

We are here to revolutionize your business, to update your processes, and to reduce your costs.

BPMWorks is grounded in vast industry knowledge, from over 25 years first-hand experience in information proliferation challenges.

Artificial Intelligence, How Will AI Help Your Information Management Strategy

Artificial Intelligence made big moves this past Christmas with Google and Amazon releasing their personal assistant technology. Apple has done the same today. Chances are pretty good you are already experiencing AI at home .

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